The Perfect Pout… and all that bull shit.

Do the phrases “10 beauty things you shouldn’t do over thirty?” and “Are you wearing the wrong shade of lipstick?” make you sigh? Well, I don’t know about you but they do me and I own a beauty business.  They’re all about what NOT to do.

The truth is and has always been is that beauty is about highlighting your true self and not masking it. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a high heeled corporate lady or a stay at home mum.  Actually, scrap that phrase as I loathe it.  Just the phrase assumes we do nothing all day except stay home when in fact we actually take on the role of just about every job going.

Anyway I digress. It doesn’t matter what label you give yourself; you might spend the day in your PJs picking cornflakes out of your hair or you might run a multi million pound business, or anything in between.


The truth is that each of us is and has beauty.

Each of us has something unique to offer the world and each and every one of us should be able to express ourselves by wearing and looking any way we damn well please.

I work every day to change the perception of beauty. Beauty is not perfect skin and it is not looking like a catalogue model.  Hell – it’s about being comfortable enough to post a selfie sans filter.


Beauty is a relationship you have with yourself.

So back to lipstick and the perfect pout, as I guess I should come up with at least one beauty tip! We know that universally bright pink shades do look awesome on everyone especially on ladies wearing glasses, and that fairer ladies generally steer clear of browns. Our beautiful brunettes often rock a deep red – but who said that you can’t wear all of the above?

Who wrote that rule book that said you should or should not wear, do, say or think certain things?

When did shimmer eye shadows and lip gloss have both a best before date for use and for you wearing it? It is true that as we get older perhaps we might want to refine our look to enhance our best and favourite features but the choice remains wholly yours. I have a lady in my organisation in her 60s who wears a metallic lip with pride – and so she should.

I look back at my teenage self with dazzling blue eyeliner and lipliner three shades darker than my gloss. My foundation was 50 shades of orange and plastered on to cover the spots. When eyebrows were indeed eyebrows not “brows” and they were not a thing.

Are you nodding with me? Do I cringe? Yes – but who cares. At that moment I felt amazing and when I see heather shimmer or berry gloss on the shelves in Boots it takes me right back to me to years gone by. I can close my eyes and there I am in my combat trousers and crop top singing All Saints into my hair brush. Those school discos where you had so much lipstick on that you could barely talk and the smell of Lynx Africa hung in the air. It makes me SMILE!


Today ladies, I urge you.

Smile at your own self, recognise you in the mirror. Take whatever colour lip stick you want and rock it. It will be the perfect pout, because it’s yours.  No one does it like you do.  Be who you want to be.


I am Hannah Routledge, selfie loving, size 12 OK, size 14,  mummy to two under 5s, ex bank manager, honest and real. For more honest beauty advice that’s actually useful follow me on Facebook or contact me via my website and click get started. You will find a contact form readily available.