Hey gorgeous ladies. If you don’t know yet, I’ve rebranded my business lately! I’m in the process of moving these blogs over onto my new site Busy Business Mum.

If you’re a mum running your own business you’re going to love it over there!!!  Most of the blogs below will redirect to my new site, but possibly not all yet. Bear with me!

Roxy xx

5 Tips to Beat Overwhelm

My head is popping! I have soooo many ideas, plans, intentions and wants in my brain that I’m filled with overwhelm. If you’ve ever felt like this then you might know what happens. You get STUCK. Check out our 5 tips for beating overwhelm.

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The Silverpreneur

I’m a self-styled Silverpreneur. I have grey/silver hair, am the wrong side of the official ‘retirement’ age for women and I run my own business.

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