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Have you just aced your interview and landed your first corporate job? Maybe you’ve been working for a while, but you know your wardrobe needs some rejuvenation.  Never fear lovely lady!  With my recommendations for 10 work wear staples you will definitely be known as the classy girl in the office or the belle of that company event that your boss has booked you onto.

Your 10 work wear staples are right here

  • Little Black Dress. You might already have a LBD in your closet but if not then you should! They’re perfect for dressing more casually for work and easy to glam up for your after work party.

  • Tailored trousers. They’re iconically classy so grab some tailored trousers in black or navy blue.  Add a skinny belt for sophistication.
  • Blazer. There’s no limit to what can a High Heel Society lady can do with a beautiful blazer. In either black or white, you can dress it up with your LBD for cocktails or pair it with your tailored trousers for work.

  • Nude heels. Now, if you wear heels to work, chances are it’s a pain to find shoes to match all your suits or that cute dress you love. Most of the time your only option is pairing it with your black heels, but nude heels can add some flair to your work outfits. Think Kate Middleton. If you are not a lover of heels or you tend to end up wearing your flats during the day, I recommend you get your flats in black and your heels in nude.

    10 work wear staples - nude heels - The High Heels Society

  • Leather bag. Invest in a good quality leather bag and don’t be afraid to choose one in your favourite colour.  A splash of bright in your black and white outfit will really get you noticed!

  • Tailored white shirt. I think it needs to be standard practice to invest in a good white shirt that you can pair with that tailored suit. Make sure it’s white – if yours is looking a little gray then it’s time to replace it.

  • Pencil Skirt. This is also a must have in your wardrobe and can be paired with your tailored shirt and blazer to make a snappy suit.

  • Crewneck sweater. This is perfect for casual Fridays with your tailored trousers or smart jeans. This outfit can also take you straight into happy hour with your other High Heels Society Girls.

  • Luxe watch. You might overlook wearing a watch on that night out, but this is a good investment to have. It looks smart, stylish and you don’t have to find your phone to check the time!

  • Diamond earrings. Every girl knows diamonds are our best friends. They can be small and subtle or full on bling but they’ll ensure that whatever outfit you’re wearing works for both day and night.

    Diamond earrings - The High Heels Society

Make it work for you

Having these statements pieces in your closet means that you’ll have no stress about piecing these items together.  Add a few more blouses and trousers and you have a perfect capsule wardrobe. Take the panic out of your mornings and be able to hit snooze for an extra 10 minutes of beauty sleep!


Julian Palmer has been pretend walking in heels since the early age of 2. She is a lover of diamonds & everything pink.  Juli is a Personal Stylist by night and Virtual Assistant by day at her self-owned and operated business JuliVAGlobal. She can be found on Facebook/Instagram @julivaglobal