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If you need help branding your business, some website wizardry or some social media sass, we can help with that.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked and less than overjoyed, let’s take a look.

Hey lovelies, I’m Roxy.


Grab a cuppa, or

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The High Heels Society

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How to Pick Your Battles

How to Pick Your Battles

More and more these days I find myself having to work really hard on letting things go. I was thinking about this the other day as my head was about to blow, and realised (yet again!) that all of the stuff that was getting under my skin was only there because I was letting it be! So (again) I resolved to change this!

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How to Meditate

Following on from my blog, What Meditation Is – and What it Definitely Isn’t, I reveal exactly how to meditate in an easy way, to suit your lifestyle. I’d love to know how you choose to do it.