Would you like to interview Roxy?

If you’re looking for an experienced interviewee for your podcast, blog, magazine, newspaper or broadcast you’re in the right place! I’m Roxy, an award-winning therapist and entrepreneur with lots of knowledge and big opinions!

You can reach me at: roxy@thehighheelssociety.com – put ‘invitation to interview’ in the subject line

Would you like Roxy to speak at your next event?

Sounds great! I’m an experienced, enthusiastic and inspirational speaker. My years of professional counselling, coaching and business building experience means I can speak with authority and confidence on a variety of topics.

Whether it’s delivering a short workshop to a networking event or a giving a bespoke keynote speech to an audience of hundreds I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gained during my career.

You can reach me at: roxy@thehighheelssociety.com – put ‘invitation to speak’ in the subject line and please include:

A short outline of your event;
The date and location;
How long you would like me to speak for; and
What you would like me to speak about.

Please bear in mind that I’m a working parent with a family to consider so my availability will vary.  I’m unlikely to be available for same day requests.

My Areas of Expertise

Creating the right work/life balance to suit you
Climbing the corporate ladder with conviction
Reinventing yourself with confidence
Letting go of the need to justify yourself and your choices
Balancing parenthood with running a business

Roxy Rhodes – bio

Roxy Rhodes
HPD, DipHPsych, DipNLP&Coaching, FRTC, CertSM, Nutritional Therapist

Roxy is an entrepreneur and fully qualified therapist with professional qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, nutritional therapy and stress management. After a successful career in the care and medical industry, she built an award-winning private therapy practice, helping clients to overcome mental, physical and emotional issues. Today she runs the High Heels Society, an online hub of inspiration and advice for busy business women.